Flower-vases for gravestones

Flower vases and pots for cemetery headstone and graves

Flower vases and pots in bronze, porcelain and steel

Real Votiva produces a wide variety of flower vases and pots in bronze, porcelain and steel for cemetery graves and tombstones. Vase size range from 13 cm to 32 cm in height. Almost all the vases in the catalog can be mounted on vertical surface (headstone) and horizontal surface (shelf, grave monument or horizontal tombstone). Also included are a series of encased models. The items include the fixing material.
They are available in simple material, such as bronze, white or black porcelain and steel, or in various colors, such as chromium, gun metal, glitter, marble. Many models are hand painted or embellished with bronze finishes and applications, such as roses, branches, doves and golden decorations. The flower vases are available in the form of pots, vases or orchid holders. The bronze vases produced with the lost wax and shell molding techniques are particularly beautiful and elegant.

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