Payment methods



Real Votiva Store uses PayPal services to enable you to pay for your orders by credit card or PayPal account without sharing your card details.

Paypal is a secure system for online payments, as it uses automatic encryption on sensitive data exchanged between your computer and PayPal server; in addition transactions are monitored 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7 by a specific anti-fraud team. It is simple and it is available in 190 countries.


Bank Transfer

Following the confirmation of the order the system transmits automatically, by e-mail, both the summary information of the order and the information useful for the execution of the bank transfer. In the bank transfer please indicate the number and date of the order to facilitate order fulfillment. The order will be processed upon receipt of the amount transferred or upon receipt of the confirmation certifying the payment. The delivery time starts from the date on which we receive the documentation attesting the payment.



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