Holy crosses and crucifixes for tombstones and chapels

Crosses and crucifixes for tombstones and cemetery chapels

Decorative crosses and crucifixes in bronze, porcelain and steel

Real Votiva produces a wide range of crosses and crucifixes in bronze, porcelain and steel, which can be used to decorate tombstones, tombs and ossuaries. It also produces large bronze crucifixes (height from 80 to 250 cm), to be used inside chapels or monuments, which are beautiful artworks.
The crosses can be fixed on the surface of the headstone through a couple of pins located in the back. Large crucifixes are provided with a support base.
The various models are available in natural color (bronze, white porcelain, black porcelain, steel) and in different color finishings (chrome, gun metal, glitter, marble). Many models are decorated by hand or enriched with finishes and decorations in bronze, such as roses, branches, doves and gold-colored decorations. Most of the bronze crosses are made with the technique of die casting while the most precious crucifixes are made with the lost wax technique. Most models can be combined with photo-frames, lamps and flower vases of the same line.

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