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    Flower vase for gravestone - Incrocio Line - Botticino marble finish - Porcelain

    From €239.04 incl tax
    Flower vase for gravestonestones and gravestones

    Flower tray for gravestone - Incrocio Botticino line - Porcelain

    From €358.57 incl tax
    Flower vase for gravestones and tombs

    Votive lamp for gravestones - Cross Line - Botticino Marble - Porcelain

    From €216.85 incl tax
    Electric memorial lamp in porcelain for tombstones and tombs

    Porcelain cross for gravestones - Botticino marble finish

    €77.75 incl tax
    Porcelain cross for tombstones and cemetery chapels

    Oval photo frame - Porcelain - Botticino marble finish

    From €111.65 incl tax
    Porcelain photo frame for gravestones and tombs